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Ukraine, 2021
Appflame is a Ukrainian IT product company.
Develops its own products in the niche of social network/lifestyle, working in Tier-1 markets and included in the App Store ranking of the best applications in their categories.
Patsany & appflame are old friends. We've already done several advertising campaigns for the brand's products:

An advertising campaign for Taimi – the world's largest LGBTQ+ social media platform;
An advertising campaign for Hily – a dating app with 20 million users worldwide.

Patsany loves long-term relationships. Especially with their clients. Especially when it's mutual. This time, appflame turned to us for HR strategy for the brand. And we're simple guys, so we did it.
The problem
First, appflame is a company with many different products, each with its own ecosystem, team and culture. Patsany needed to form a brand image and highlight values that were relevant and understood by the entire company.

Second, appflame strives to attract the best professionals in the market. Money and bonuses are already a masthead in the category, which doesn't surprise anyone and carries no additional value to appflame as an employer.
Our goal
Our goal is to dig deep into the company's culture and make it clear to employees and potential candidates alike.
As a result
Patsany developed an HR brand and created a creative platform for internal and external communications.
How we did it
The background
The recent history of Ukrainian IT is only 10 years old. During this time, outsourcing companies, startups, international R&D-offices have developed in parallel. Now Ukraine is one of the fastest growing markets by the number of technical specialists. There are more than 200 000 employees in Ukrainian IT community and every year 20-30 thousand more people are added to this number.

Despite the fact that Ukraine is a country where high school students dream of being an IT guy, the market is quite monotonous. 60% of specialists are still working in outsourced IT companies.
The idea
Appflame has experience and a developed knowledge base, continues to push the boundaries and actively declare the Ukrainian product in the international IT arena. That's why Patsany saw the potential in appflame to join in shaping the product culture in Ukraine. And due to this direction showed itself as an active position for the team and potential employees.
In-depth interviews
Patsany conducted in-depth interviews with appflame employees and ex-employees. We wanted to get a feel for what people have in common across teams and products, what they value about the company, and what drives them to work.

We found out that employees are proud that appflame is a Ukrainian company that launches products at the level of world leaders, and sometimes even giving them a head start.
We here in Ukraine can do something that costs a lot of money, like Spotify in Sweden or Rovio in Finland. And a company like that can be the face of the country. It's cool to be part of a team that's doing something really cool for the world.
That insight inspired the Patsany and pushed them to form a mission statement and understand what the company does and what's distinctive about it.
The next finding has been that the company is growing more actively with those who are willing to work in a mature way. They are in bulldozer mode on a daily basis and produce cool results. It is ambition, inner rage and the desire to develop that sets people apart in appflame.

We've learned that there's a spark in each of them that, when combined with others, ignites a powerful flame.
It's motivating to be able to create your own success story with an awesome team. Right now I have conditionally 7 people, and in a few years I'm surrounded by 70 or better yet 700 people who have burning eyes and from whom I get energy, excited about the overall progress and our spirit.
Through this insight, Patsany articulated the values and character of the brand.
Don't sit your life in a job you're not interested in. Creating products drives us, fuels us, and gives us pleasure. We're not going to ignore these pleasurable moments. For they are part of our lives.
We are uncompromising. We are bold. We're hungry to win. We get high on Challenges and look for those who are not satisfied when everything is okay. You give us audacity and ambition, and we give you support, daily challenges, and the opportunity to influence the product.
Measuring performance in hours is bullshit. We trust only the result. You want to climb higher, fight. You want more money, take more responsibility. We'll be there for you, but tomorrow is up to you.
We believe that cool ideas are the work of a few people, not one. We've assembled the most daring and ambitious. These are the kind of people who change the world. Not alone, but together.
We see you as a person, not your gender, age, race, sexual preference or physical ability. We are against all kinds of discrimination, bullying and stereotypes. We are passionate about freedom, openness and empathy.
We create products that can change lives of users around the world. It was convenient - we'll show that it could be even more convenient. We will show that it is possible to be more interesting. We create products with meaning and care for people.
We are devoted to our people. And our loyalty doesn't disappear with the end of the working day. We don't leave our people alone with problems, whether professional or personal. At appflame we always listen and help, because we strive to ignite, not to burn.
With strategy we realized that the name appflame is the best verbal illustration of all our meanings. We took as our metaphor that every idea is a spark. Although billions of sparks are lit in the world every day, most of them go out. Patsany believe this happens because those sparks appear in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people.

Going into the life of the company, we saw that appflame had gathered people around them, each in their own place and time. Their energy and passion for the cause, the challenge, the product turn those single sparks into a real bright flame.
The character of the brand
What if appflame were a person, we thought, and described the brand's character as if it were a real person standing in front of us.
We are IT hooligans. We are uncompromising. Ambitious. Bold. We're used to achieving our goals, with or without someone else's help, it doesn't matter. If we were given a magic wand to create a dream product, we'd break it in half, because we don't believe in magic, but we believe in ourselves.
Appflame is a team obsessed with their dream and their idea. We have gathered our own people whom we trust and support unconditionally. If someone on the team said they had a dead body in the trunk, we'd have a brainstorm to decide where best to bury it.
Appflame is the headliner of any product party. Wherever we break in, we're disrupting the usual order of things, offering new solutions that change lives for the better. If we launched a global "What's in Your Smartphone" challenge, a lot of people would have our products.

We know how to ignite any category. And we don't need matches for that, just the craziest ideas that turn into the coolest products.
Project Team:
Founder: Alex Pasykov
CO-Founder: Jake Vygnan
HR Director: Anna Sokolova
Patsany Agency
Creative Director: Dmytro Iatsyna
Strategic Director: Eugene Zingerman
Strategic: Mariia Vasylenko
Copywriter: Sasha Fayna
Ad campaign / Ukraine
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