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Lizar is a natural handmade spa cosmetics brand founded in 2016. The owner of the brand had skin problems that needed special care. She decided that it would be interesting to dive into the topic, understand how everything works there, and solve the problem yourself. Spoiler alert: everything worked out. Moreover, this success story became a trigger to found the company.
The background
We started working with Lizar and immersed ourselves in the beauty world when the brand already had its production, providing more than 52,000 orders in five years. The products were sold through the site and social networks.
The problem
The owners have been focusing on production and customer service for five years, and at the same time less attention was paid to the brand itself. The life of the company was in very close contact with the founder's life, which was quite helpful at the start. Eventually, this approach did not contribute to the development, but only hindered. So, the brand requires reassessment, adaptation to the modern realities and separation from its beauty-mother.

Lizar turned to us with these tasks. Being easy-going Patsany, we thoroughly investigated everything from the inside out, and developed a business visa and a new brand platform.
After finishing the market analysis and conducting a strategic session, we offered to take a course on retail. Achieving this goal the company had to increase production capacity, optimize production technology, and expand sales channels.

In terms of communication, we had to move focus from the founder to the building of an independent brand that will also exist outside of Instagram.
Zero hypothesis
Before communicating with the audience, Patsany formulated a zero hypothesis for themselves. It's a pleasure for a woman to take care of herself. We assumed that domestic procedures could become part of a hedonistic way of life, and that women would be encouraged to look after themselves at home.
In-depth interviews
We found that our respondents are well-versed in the category: they understand the composition of products and know what will be effective and what can cause an allergic reaction. And in general, they are entirely rational in the process of choosing cosmetics.
What is more, all the talks with the audience fully disproved our hypothesis.
It turned out that for the majority of women taking care of themselves is a pleasure but still routine. A daily obligatory process. This insight became the basis for the entire strategy.
Patsany decided to go deeper and look at not only the Ukrainian market of tools for taking care, but also the history of the industry. Articles, studies and documentaries on Netflix helped us to complete this beauty-puzzle.

People used to wash face with water before the emergence of civilization. Only at the beginning of XX century soap boom has appeared. There were different kinds of soap, being the same product indeed. People came up with a lot of advertising twists, which are used in the industry to this day.
A great twist in history was when a famous brand announced that it dried the skin, and they added a moisturising tool. This is how the beauty industry came up with the main target: we need other products to neutralize the effects of soap.
Soon, the market saw such product, followed by many others.
In 1968, the American manufacturer debuted the three-phase system, persuading people that it is as necessary as brushing teeth. Companies began to expand their product lines, and in 2015 the Korean brands and their ten-phase skin care system entered the scene.
Patsany understood that multiphase skin care system was greatly overestimated. In fact, most cosmetic products either neutralize the effect of one another or double it. Thus, self-care is a simple routine process, without any extra stuff. It is the same as brushing teeth, jogging, washing dishes and driving a car.

We decided to follow the path of optimization and leave the routine. This will give our customers the opportunity to focus on the main things and use their resources for what is really necessary and interesting to them.
Now Lizar is functional natural cosmetics, which does not amplify the information noise and adhere to the philosophy of prudent minimalism.
We have become a brand, which does not distract you from yourself
No extra
Patsany rethought the product and communication. They eliminated all the extra things and focused on the main thing that's the functions of the product. This is how the great communicative idea was born, using «nothing extra».
We invited Lizar to create an optimized functional line, a new site with unique selection of a series of products for individual care and system of automated signing. Also, we offered to add refills for ecology and convenience of stock replenishment.
The new import of Lizar will also help expand the corridors of the brand. In the future the company will be able to take over all the important routine processes and create products which will help to deal with this routine.
Project team:
Founder and the main inspirer: Inna Lishchyna
Partner: Andriy Begmenko
Patsany Agency
Creative director: Dmytro Yatsina
Strategic Director: Yevgen Zingerman
Strategist: Maria Vasylenko
Copyrighter: Sasha Faina
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