Orange Club Outlet

Brands. People. Parties.
"Fire!" advertising campaign

Orange Club Outlet is a chain of outlet malls in Kyiv.

The task
Our goal was to create a brand book, define the brand’s philosophy, find out what the TA needs, finalize the guidelines, and launch the advertising campaign.
In-depth interviews
We started from the positioning strategy and conducted more than forty in-depth interviews with the chain’s clients and non-clients. During the interviews, we realized that for most people, a trip to Orange Club was some sort of a “hunt for something interesting” or a 2-in-1 “party and relaxation”.
After a strategy session with the client, we crystalised the values that the founders have put into the company and came to the conclusion that Orange Club Outlet is like a summer music festival. It’s a chill, fun, and bright place where your best friends are dancing to your favorite tunes.
Keeping those feelings in mind, we developed a slogan/descriptor for the outlets — Orange Club Outlet. Brands. People. Parties.


Relying on our new positioning, we decided to take over all the features of a music festival. That’s how ZVZ party (from Ukrainian “zavoz” — delivery) was born. It was a delivery party for famous brand such as COS, Diesel, or Tommy Hilfiger. The event was accompanied by posters with bright visuals all over the city, cocktails, a stylist’s booth, make up, DJ, and photographers.

The change in the positioning affected the staff as well. Now all the employees of the Orange Club Outlet were Orange Club Band members, with every employee getting an AAA staff access (All Areas Access). The staff’s style was now, of course, total black and maximum cheerfulness, which was another change in the tone of voice.

Advertising campaign
For the launch of a series of delivery parties we developed a campaign with a tagline “The new delivery in Orange Club Outlet is fire!”. For the campaign, we created a video and a series of prints, ran an activation through a Telegram bot, launched an influencer campaign, and negotiated publications in media. (Pink, AIN, MMR, Sostav)
The result
Compared to a similar season, the company’s sales went up 15%.
Publications in media: