Advertising campaign / US, France
We start a conversation.
You start the story.

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TV

Hily is an app for dating and streaming with 20 million users all across the globe. On Hily, you can make friends, do live streams, and hop on video calls. Hily app is among top-10 dating apps in the world by the total number of downloads.

The task
Hily approached Patsany with an unusual task — a Snapchat-exclusive advertising campaign for the US Market.
Special features
The online dating market in the US is one of the most competitive ones in the world. Generic product visuals won’t cut through the noise. Some basic love story or awkward offline dating situations won’t surprise anyone either. Besides, Snapchat has its own peculiarities — its users are used to Snaps (stories), which are 7-8 second long videos where friends share the latest news and trends with each other. Something too cinematic wouldn’t work too since from the very first second users would see that it’s an ad and just skip it.
Patsany decided to focus on variety and made more than 50 options so that the algorithms of Snapchat (and later also Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) had something to choose from. Every video caught the viewer’s eye and intrigued with its silliness.
Together with the Snapchat team in Dublin (hey, Christopher and Sophie) and the Facebook team in Berlin (hey, Ricardo and Claudio), Patsany brought the creatives to maximum effectiveness. In the end, they managed to reach more than 5 million users.

The main approach

The campaign was all about testing the potential of brand campaigns. So, we decided to test the campaign by first launching it in just one city (NYC, in our case). Each week the campaign was live, we compared the internal metrics in NYC with other cities. By doing so, we made sure that any growth in metrics could only be associated with the brand’s campaign.
By CTR and VTR, all concepts were almost on the same level. The “taped” story was slightly ahead, and the bike story was somewhat behind.
We have also conducted additional research to learn more about the success of every concept.

By recognition:
1) Bike - 55% of respondents recognised
2) Cafe - 51%
3) Taped - 48%
By Message transfer:
1) Taped - 48%
2) Cafe - 39%
3) Bike - 11%
By overall appreciation:
1) Cafe - 3.9 out of 5
2) Taped - 3.8 out of 5
3) Bike - 3.8 out of 5

As the message delivery metric is the most important for brand awareness, we have decided to use only Taped and Cafe concepts in our future campaigns.
As for the product metrics, we have witnessed an increase in the following metrics during the campaign:
+ 25% in new organic registrations
+ 4% in new paid registrations
+ 18% in organic conversion rate from installation to trial or subscription
+ 10% in organic LTV
+ 7% in retention rate
+ 13% in app openings
We have also compared the CPR of our regular user acquisition ads on Facebook for NYC with other cities (Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston) during the campaign, and on average, it was lower by 8%.
Lastly, we have conducted a brand lift survey on each platform, and Facebook showed the biggest increase in Brand Awareness (+90%) and ad recall (+39%).